Want to Prepare And Prosper If Joe Biden Leads Us Into Economic Super Collapse?

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Strategic Intelligence Super Collapse Preparation Package

Jim Rickards here with the next step to prepare for this potential economic super collapse I fear could be coming.

Each day under Joe Biden, it seems like another crisis arrives at our doorstep.

From extreme shortages in our nation’s stores… 

To exploding prices all over the country…

To violence and crime running rampant in our streets…

This is code red for Americans.

Not once in my 40 years advising the Pentagon or CIA have I ever predicted such a catastrophic event potentially just over the horizon.

And yet what we’re now witnessing are symptoms of a nation teetering on collapse.

NO executive order from the President, NO new legislation from Congress, NO rate hike by the Fed alone can fix this mess. If my predictions are correct, this economic super collapse could potentially end the American economy as we know it in the next 6-12 months.

That means you’re running out of time.

That’s why I’m pleading with you to take action NOW while there’s a small window to follow the Super Collapse Preparation Package I’ve created for you.

But you must know exactly how to do it.

With your strict permission, I’d like to send you absolutely everything you’ll need, including:

Strategic Benefit #1: A Copy of My Urgent New Book: Sold Out How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation, and Political Instability Will Sink The Global Economy.
You need to get accurate information about what to expect in the coming days. This is never-before-released information that I’m sharing with my readers and my family. The last time I did this, I explained how something unforeseen like the pandemic could start a chain reaction leading to the dire situation America now faces. Having a head start on events like these allowed me to personally help my family prepare, and I want the same for you.

Strategic Benefit #2: Exclusive Video Interview
Because of how urgent this potential economic super collapse is, I’ve recorded an exclusive video interview that can help you immediately start preparing your family for whatever lies ahead. It breaks down all the chilling predictions, proof, and actionable steps that you’ll see inside my brand-new book.

Strategic Benefit #3: The “Biden Bucks” Protection Plan: Securing Your Sovereign Wealth and Freedom
Inside this new report, you’ll get step-by-step details on how to outsmart what I’m calling Biden Bucks and…

  1. Create an off-the-grid fortune: Secure $1.1 million in wealth inside a “soda can” safe
  2. Save your freedoms: Have liquidity and spendable wealth without using Biden Bucks
  3. Grow your personal wealth: You’ll get possible investment upside as events unfold
  4. Ensure you maintain your wealth: Regardless of external conditions

Building your own “off the grid” portfolio now will protect you from the coming government surveillance state.

Strategic Benefit #4: The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio: Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Right Kind of Physical Gold
5,000 years of history proves that gold outlasts every other currency. But I believe Biden Bucks could cause the price of gold to skyrocket. In this report, you’ll find everything you need to know about investing in gold before the price blasts through the ceiling, including: Is gold safe to invest in? How much should I invest in precious metals? What metals should I buy – and what should I avoid? And, where are the best places to buy gold (and other precious metals)?

Strategic Benefit #5: America’s Secret Currency: Get in on the Ultimate Off-the-Grid Asset
Inside this important third report, I’ll expose a little-appreciated asset that can’t be tracked or traced… And has increased in value over time. This “secret” asset should be a part of any off-the-grid portfolio. I show you everything you need to know about it.

Strategic Benefit #6: How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress by former CIA Officer Jason Hanson
For trusting me and taking action today, I’m also going to send you a free guide that you’ll need to protect your family and your property, too. Because, unfortunately, I believe things could get ugly in our country as Biden tries to take over our money. That’s why I reached out to a former CIA operative and colleague to teach you everything in this report from defense techniques…to making your home a fortress…to plans for surviving societal breakdowns that could last for weeks, and much more.

PLUS, by joining me today, you get:

You get all this with a subscription to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

This is an amazing deal you won’t find anywhere else. But I’m going to make it even better…

Get All This For As Little as $49

The regular price for a one-year subscription to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is $299.

However, when you accept my invitation today, I want to give you an 82% discount.

That means you can subscribe to my newsletter and get everything I listed today for as little as $49.

You’ll immediately receive a digital download link to all the reports — plus immediate access to my newsletter and the other benefits described above.

And you will be joining good company. Here’s what some of my past members have had to say.

“When I first saw that you created Strategic Intelligence I was so excited, and when I signed up I knew it was going to be good…but I NEVER expected it to be THIS good. This is a crazy value for the money. Thank you SO MUCH JIM!”
-Megan Boyland

“Jim, you and your team are stellar. I’m seeing bubbles everywhere right now. So I’ve become a student of your work and love reviewing all of your books and material. I’m recommending Strategic Intelligence to anyone how is interested in protecting what they have.”
-Johnathan Eckmeier

“I’m subscribed to multiple financial research services, but Jim’s Strategic Intelligence is the only one I wait for each new issue with bated breath.”
-Bob Sinclair

Remember… I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order.

I’m asking you to take a full 180 days to review everything listed here…

Including the special reports, my newsletter, the complete model portfolio, hundreds of back issues, and more.

Print out all the reports if you wish. Save them on your computer. Everything I want to send you is yours to keep no matter what. It’s my gift to you for taking a chance on me.

And if you’re not happy for any reason with your new subscription, simply contact my customer service team and they’ll issue you a prompt refund for every penny of your subscription.

After the 6-month trial period is up, you’re still free to cancel anytime. And you won’t owe a penny more.

I’m taking all the risk here. And that’s OK. I’m willing to do this because I want as many Americans as possible to be ready and prepared. Including YOU!

To get started, simply fill out the secure order form below. We’ll immediately send you an email confirming your order with our contact information (in case you have any questions), along with instructions on how to access everything I’ve promised you here.

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  • The Ultimate Upgrade at Today’s Best Price
  • Digital and print issues of the newsletter
  • Your weekly updates and other regular benefits
  • Your FREE reports
  • Bonus Report: Twenty Stocks To Dump and Five to Own
  • Digital and print issues of the newsletter
  • Your weekly updates and other regular benefits
  • Your FREE reports
  • Digital and print issues of the newsletter
  • Your weekly updates and other regular benefits
  • Your FREE reports
  • A Bargain Price
  • Digital-only issues of the newsletter
  • Your weekly updates and other regular benefits, including your FREE reports
  • A Bargain Price
  • Digital-only issues of the newsletter
  • Your weekly updates and other regular benefits, including your FREE reports

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